Developer condition

One version of the standard is STATE DEVELOPMENT. This is a house to finish your own. The development stage includes a mobile floor consisting of 4 wheels or a crane frame. Each house has a steel structure floor, and the roof and walls are built in a wooden structure. In our technology, the customer has the option of choosing floor, wall and roof insulation according to the configurator.


is made of special PVC panels in the house version with an 18-degree roof or natural wood, depending on the selected model


Insulated steel 


was covered with REN metal roof tiles

Wall finish

The finishing of walls, floors and ceilings is made of MPF board

Water and sewage installation

The house has a water and sewage system


in developer condition, the windows are made in white, in a double-glazed package

Electrical installation

The house has an electrical installation according to the design. The boxes are embedded in the plate. This standard does not include electrical equipment


Our houses can also be purchased in the STANDARD version. This is a house in a developer version, additionally finished inside. The house has a finished floor in a laminated panel and walls and ceiling finished in a laminated board. The house also has an electrical installation with electrical equipment in white and mounted lighting in the form of recessed halogens. The STANDARD version also includes white sliding doors.


laid laminated panel with underlay


Interior sliding doors in white, made of laminated board


white laminated boards installed


LED halogens recessed into the ceiling, a white plafond in the bathroom

Water and sewage installation

The house has a water and sewage system


white laminated boards installed

Electrical installation

white electrical equipment will be installed in the house


The STANDARD+ version is the entire finish in the STANDARD version. Additional finishing elements are the kitchen and the bathroom.

The kitchen finish consists of:

  • upper and lower kitchen cabinets,
  • top
  • household appliances (2-burner electric hob, hood, sink, sink battery).

Bathroom finishes include:

  • shower cabin with a tray 80×80,
  • compact toilet,
  • washbasin with cabinet,
  • mirror,
  • an electric heater
  • boiler.

Sample throws

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