Exterior Finish

Our company offers a wide selection of finishing materials. Below we present ready-made solutions that were selected under the professional supervision of architects. These materials have been selected so that the quality matches the comfort in your interior


In our house configuration, you can choose 1 of 3 types of insulation:

1. Wool insulation 10 cm – summer houses

2. Wool insulation 15 cm – year-round houses

Insulating houses and attics with mineral wool provides high thermal insulation. –
Unlike polystyrene, it does not crack when placed on uneven surfaces. It is easy to transport and store. It is characterized by high fire resistance

3. Insulation with 10 cm or 15 cm wool + 5 cm PIR boards

Boards with a PIR foam core covered on both sides with aluminum foil are a revolution on the thermal insulation market. One board insulates almost twice as well as Styrofoam or mineral wool of the same thickness.


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1. Vifront

Siding is a perfect imitation of wooden facades. –
Color: swamp oak.

2. Wooden formwork

the advantage of wood is that it looks very good with other facade materials, e.g. steel panels.

3. Viny Top panels

These are German panels that are highly resistant to UV light.
Colors to choose from: hellgrau, basaltgrau, cappucino


4. Viny Plus Shadow panels

Available in several available colors.
Colors to choose from: Turner Oak Maltz, Turner Oak Toffee, Kitami Oak

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1. REN metal roofing tiles

This is the only model of modular metal roofing tiles with an inclined shape. This shape ensures less tendency for dirt to settle

2. Seam sheet

Standing seam sheet is suitable mainly for large surfaces. It is appreciated for its aesthetic qualities, but also for its high durability

Window joinery

Window frame colors

Anthracite RAL 7016, White RAL 9016, Walnut


Glazing colors:

Transparent or Antisol Graphite

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Exterior doors

Full or glazed aluminum exterior doors

Colours: Anthracite RAL 7016, White RAL 9016, Walnut

Steel door, warm

Color: Anthracite

Mobility / Support

Roller shutters

Color: grey

Color: white


Soffit lighting – ceiling fixtures

Colours: white or black

Facade lighting – sconces

Showcase lighting

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